Issues & Advocacy

The members of the League of Women Voters of Ohio have adopted positions on several state governmental issues. The LWV Ohio board uses these positions, as well as ones adopted at the national League level, to take action at the state level.

The links below provide a good starting point to learn where the League stands.

How Does League Arrive at a Position?

Before taking a position on a public policy issue, the League involves its grassroots membership in a thorough study of the subject. We look at all sides and implications. Then our membership must reach consensus on a position. The background studies below reflect two of our most recent studies and provide a useful, in-depth look at policy issues in Ohio.

The Road from Study to Action (overview of study process)

LWV US Positions

For information on LWVUS issues and positions, please see League of Women Voters of the United States Issues. For information on LWV Ohio issues and positions, check out the LWVO Positions page or read more in the 2013-2015 Agenda for Action.

LWV Ohio Positions


Social Policy

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