Please click the Donate button below to donate to the League of Women Voters of Ohio, which is a 501(c)4 organization
and NOT tax deductible.

Please click the Donate button below to donate to the LWV Education Fund, which is a 501(c)3
and tax deductible.



Making Democracy Work® is not simply a slogan. It’s a commitment each member of the League of Women Voters has undertaken to ensure that voting is free, fair and accessible and that our government is accountable to its citizens. 

Founded in 1920 by the leaders of the Women's Suffrage Movement, today's League of Women Voters of Ohio includes women and men from all backgrounds and political views. While the League of Women Voters is best known for our voter registration drives, nonpartisan voter guides, and candidate forums, we do so much more: we promote citizen activism, keep the public informed about their government, and advocate for policies we have studied independently of candidates or parties. Support our work today by becoming a member or making a donation!

The League of Women Voters of Ohio is made up of two different nonprofit corporations:

- The League of Women Voters of Ohio, a 501(c)(4) organization, carries out our advocacy work, such as lobbying for fair elections and working on ballot issues.

- The League of Women Voters of Ohio Education Fund, a 501(c)(3) organization, provides public education about the voting process, how government operates, and how citizens can get involved.

Donations to the League of Women Voters of Ohio Education Fund, a 501(c)(3), are tax deductible as permitted by law. Donations to the League of Women Voters of Ohio, a 501(c)(4), are not tax deductible but are nonetheless critical to carrying out our mission.

Please click the “Donate” button to the left to make a secure online donation via PayPal. Or you can mail a check to:

League of Women Voters of Ohio
100 E. Broad St., Suite 1310
Columbus, OH 43215

Additional Giving Options

See if your employer offers matching gifts. Double your donation! Many companies offer to match donations made by current and retired employees. Visit to see if your donation qualifies for a matching gift.

Make a Donation in Honor of Someone Special! Donations can be made in honor of someone special or in memory of a loved one. Please let us know if your gift is made in someone’s honor and provide their mailing address so that we can inform them of your generosity.

Gifts of stock or other securities. Avoid capital gains taxes and get a charitable tax deduction at the same time by making a donation of matured securities. Donors wishing to make such gifts should contact LWVO/EF’s investment manager, Joe Trocchio at Merrill Lynch here.

Planned gifts, bequests, and other estate gifts. There are many ways to continue to support LWVO/EF long after your lifetime. Please contact your financial planner or attorney to discuss which options are best for you and your family.

- The most popular planned gifts are bequests made in wills. Bequests are simple, convenient and offer a wide range of giving options, including cash, securities, personal assets or property, or a percentage or remainder of an estate. Contact your attorney about how to add a bequest to your will.

- Beneficiary designations are another option, by naming a charity such as LWVO/EF as the beneficiary of an IRA, retirement plan, life insurance plan or insurance annuity assets.

- Donors can also consider making endowed contributions. You might choose to contribute to the LWVO’s established endowment program or create your own named endowment from which LWVO receives an annual distribution of funds to support its projects and educational efforts.

Support Fair Congressional Districts For Ohio!

Donors may choose how to support Fair Districts - by donating to the Fair Districts Campaign or the League of Women Voters of Ohio (LWVO).

Donate to the Fair Districts Campaign

You can donate online here or mail a check.

Checks should be made payable to "Fair Congressional Districts for Ohio" and mailed to:
Fair Congressional Districts for Ohio
c/o League of Women Voters of Ohio
100 E. Broad St. Suite 1310
Columbus, OH 43215

Please note: Campaign donations must be reported publicly on campaign finance reports. We are required to report a donor's name, address, and the amount donated. If your donation is more than $100, state law also requires us to ask for the name of your employer.

Donate to support LWV Ohio's Redistricting Work

If you are uncomfortable or unable to donate to a campaign, you can donate to the League of Women Voters of Ohio to support LWVO's public education and advocacy work on redistricting.

You can make a donation to support LWVO's redistricting reform work using either of the donate buttons on the left or by mailing a check. 

  • Donations to the 501c4 LWVO can be used for advocacy in support of Fair Districts, and are the most helpful, but please note such donations are not tax deductible.
  • Donations to the 501c3 LWVO Ed Fund are tax deductible charitable donations as permitted by law, but those funds can only be used for supportive education efforts, not for the advocacy campaign.

Whichever option you choose, please indicate in the “notes” section that your donation is for “Fair Districts.” Thank you for your support!