Akron Beacon Journal Charter School Project

The League is partnering with the Akron Beacon Journal on a project to discuss public education funding and charter schools.

Here is the link to the ABJ site that describes the 3-part series of articles on education:

Part 1: "More than 100 publicly funded charter schools fail to disclose who is in charge (part 1 of 3)",

Part 2: "Board members at White Hat charter schools say they have little control over public funds (part 2 of 3)",

Part 3: "Ohio’s urban districts cut services to provide busing to privately run charter schools (Part 3 of 3)",

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Charter Schools: Information and Resources

Additional Reading Materials

Listed below are some articles from Combus Dispatch

FY14-15 Education Budget  Resources

LWVO FY14-15 Ed Budget Conference Call Background Information This document summarizes the current status of school district budgets and refers to two Policy Matters reports (also attached) and some data (also attached) prepared by Bill Phillis, Ohio Coalition for Equity and Adequacy of Schools, about the effects of charter school deductions on school district budgets. Click here to view the document.

LWVO Chart FY14-15 Budget This chart describes possible policy changes for education; relevant LWVO positions; and possible LWVO responses. Click here to view the chart.

Policy Matters Ohio, "State Budget and Ohio's schools: Big cuts, hard choices, local impacts" by Wendy Patton, Piet van Lier, and Elizabeth Ginther. January 19, 2012. Click here to see the report.

Policy Matters Ohio, "Testimony of Wendy Patton to the Extended Subcommittee on Primary and Secondary Education" July 18, 2012. To view testimony, click here.

"Latest Resident and Community School Per Pupil Averages for FY12" This is data prepared by the Ohio Coalition for Equity and Adequacy and provides information about how much is being deducted from school district foundation aid to support charter schools. Click here for more information. 

Summary of Youngstown League findings on Local School Finance.

Click here to read LWVO Lobbyist Testimony


NEW! Click here to read Auditor Yost's Report on Statewide Community School Attendance Count

Statehouse Day Lobbyist Reports