Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Summary of responses to redistricting questions, Town Hall Meeting, Delaware, Ohio on March 24, 2009. The majority of attendees at the Town Hall Meeting believe that gerrymandering decreases voter participation especially in communities dominated by one party and creates complacency by party in majority.

If there were no safe districts, politicians would be more responsive to their constituents and voters would gain more information on candidates’ beliefs and positions. However respondents were evenly split whether safe districts have negative or positive effects on voting.

Participants were evenly divided on whether redistricting should be based on compact and contiguous districts or establish the greatest number of competitive districts and encouraged other variables such as community interests when redistricting.

Attendees believe greater input into the redistricting process would lessen the amount of gerrymandering and expressed the concern for public interest in redistricting. They also believe citizens need more education on redistricting.

Participants expressed a variety of opinions on how redistricting of Delaware should occur. Suggestions include creating one district of Delaware County with Delaware City and merge south with Franklin County. Other suggestions were to ignore county lines, keep county intact, merge east and west, merge Dublin and Powell, and mix urban and rural.