Redistricting Meeting in Marion Brings out Facts, VIPs, Crowd

Redistricting Meeting in Marion Brings Out Facts, VIPs, Crowd

Monday, April 20th, 2009

“Why the Census is important? It is the size of our Congressional representation and it is the basis for the funds we receive from the Federal Government. An accurate count assures a fair representation. If we lose seats, we lose clout at the federal level. . . Especially for low-income programs, like Medicare, Census data determines the fair share comes to Ohio. . . Community Services Block Grant money is determined by the count, for programs like Head Start. . . An under count results in a loss of $10,000 per person per year that doesn’t come. . . can help explain the importance of the count.” – The Marion Star, transcript of the Town Hall Meeting which took place in Marion on Thursday, April 16.

The League of Women Voters of Marion County had a fine turnout for the Town Hall Meeting on Redistricting on April 16. State Senator Karen Gillmor, Mayor Scott Shertzer, Commissioners Josh Daniels and Dan Russell, WMRN Radio’s Mike Nolting, Marion Township Chief Mike Fogle, River Valley Superintendent Tom Shade, and Marion Star Managing Editor Tom Graser were in the audience.