Ballot Issues Can Influence

Ballot issues can influence races: Depending on the topic, issues can lure certain voters to the polls

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Mark Niquette and Alan Johnson, THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH, 6/1/10. COLUMBUS – Depending on the efforts by groups scrambling to collect petition signatures, Ohio voters could face up to five statewide ballot issues in the fall that also could affect the outcome of races for governor and other offices. So far, the only issue certified for the Nov. 2 ballot is a referendum on whether to add video slot machines at the state’s seven horse tracks, a proposal approved in the two-year budget but not implemented last year. But three groups seeking proposed Ohio constitutional amendments each face a June 30 deadline to turn in 402,275 valid signatures of registered voters, and the legislature has until Aug. 4 to put a proposed redistricting issue on the ballot. Besides the outcome of each specific issue, the measures are important because they can help influence the outcome of races on the ballot, experts say. Read More