Blog: If You're Saying It


If you're saying it, the public deserves to know who's paying for it (Rep. John Boccieri)
By Rep. John Boccieri (D-Ohio) - 06/25/10 11:11 AM ET

People in our district and across our great nation want officials in office who are responsible to them, not the special interest groups who already have too much influence in the electoral process.

However, today, all organizations — including for-profits and non-profits, corporations and unions alike — are free to spend unlimited amounts of money to influence our elections, thanks to a recent Supreme Court ruling.

This regressive Supreme Court decision hands the keys of our elections over to big corporations, effectively overturning a near century of law that Congress passed to protect the voices of ordinary citizens. If this ruling stands without congressional action to shed light on special interest spending, you are sadly going to have the best elected officials corporate America can buy.

The activist Supreme Court suggests that a corporation is able to speak louder and more often than ordinary citizens. We need to hear all voices in the political process, not just those of the well-connected or those with the most money. That’s why soon after the Court’s ruling I introduced legislation requiring campaign organizations to disclose the top five donors providing the largest amount of money to any political organization. It was wrapped into larger campaign finance legislation, known as the DISCLOSE Act, giving the bipartisan bill stronger teeth while making it the most far-reaching campaign finance reform legislation since McCain-Feingold.

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