Op Ed: At the Finish Line

OP ED: At the finish line A burst of bipartisanship, and Ohio would draw improved districts

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

AKRON BEACON JOURNAL, 5/28/10. COLUMBUS — There is still time, barely, to fix the ways legislative and congressional districts are drawn in Ohio, highly partisan processes that happen once a decade, following each census. If lawmakers act quickly, they can meet an Aug. 4 deadline for placing a constitutional amendment on the November ballot. Voter approval would put new rules in place for the next round of adjustments. On Thursday, the House took the encouraging step of passing a long-stalled bill by state Rep. Tom Letson. The Warren Democrat’s plan would affect only the redrawing of legislative districts and maintain the current apportionment board, made up of the governor, auditor, secretary of state and a legislative member from each party. To counter the inevitable scheming by the party that wins two of the three statewide offices, Letson would open a public competition, scoring plans on compactness, partisan balance, competitiveness and preservation of city boundaries. Read More