Pending Legislation

Lawmakers urged to get back to work: Pending legislation requires action, activist groups say

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Jim Siegel, THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH, 6/28/10. COLUMBUS — Aside from the guy dancing in the frog outfit and a video featuring a chorus of bad singing, Statehouse advocates gathered today for a serious message to state lawmakers: Come back to work.

Legislators are out of town on a summer break that could last through the November election, if they do not find motivation to come back sooner.

The liberal Progress Ohio, Ohio Citizen Action, Common Cause Ohio and the Ohio Coalition for Homelessness and Housing in Ohio held a Statehouse news conference to urge lawmakers to return and get busy on some major legislation that was not completed before they departed more than three weeks ago. The bills involve redistricting, foreclosure assistance, payday-lending restrictions, corporate campaign disclosure and anti-employment discrimination for gays, among others.

“We are here today because the legislature is not,” said Brian Rothenberg of Progress Ohio, who, like many at the news conference, sported a T-shirt that read: “My lawmaker went to the Statehouse and all I got was this … Bullfrog.”