Redistricting legis. fails

Redistricting legislation fails to pass

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

ASSOCIATED PRESS, 6/7/10. COLUMBUS — Lawmakers have failed to pass a plan to create a bipartisan board to draw Ohio’s future legislative and congressional districts. The General Assembly was unable to overcome differences in proposed bills updating how Ohio draws its political maps in a rush to finish business overnight Thursday. GOP State Sen. Jon Husted, the top proponent of redistricting, pledged to keep working on an agreement before the August deadline to place it on the November ballot. Husted’s bill would take the power of drawing legislative districts away from whichever party controls the state Apportionment Board and give it to a seven-member bipartisan panel.

The competing proposal called for a statewide contest to determine the best way to draw fair districts, and it would take redistricting disputes out of the jurisdiction of the Ohio Supreme Court and instead would direct them to a bipartisan tribunal. Read More