Take Action to Protect the Vote in Ohio

Additional Drop Boxes Matter in Ohio!

After conducting one of the most secure elections in Ohio's history in 2020, the state legislature just introduced HB 294, a voting reform bill that adds some potentially good provisions, but also includes a host of anti-voter provisions including reducing access to drop boxes (which are used for registration and voting purposes).


We need to speak up right now to hold our leaders accountable so that we can keep the good and throw out the bad in HB294. Call with the following message: 

House Speaker Robert Cupp: (614) 466-9624

Find your OH State Rep

I'm calling to say that Ohio must increase access to ballot drop boxes in Ohio. Counties should be allowed to have drop boxes in multiple locations, and they must be open year-round, 24 hours a day. Voting is otherwise an inconvenient and inaccessible burden to many groups of Ohioans including senior citizens, rural voters and voters with disabilities. Drop boxes serve all Ohioans by reducing lines on Election Day. Ohio should increase access, not reduce it. 

Thank you for your consideration.