COVID-19 & 2020 General Election

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Check out this video on How To Vote By Mail from our partners at @AllVotingisLocal. Great tips if this is your first time!

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Tracking my Absentee Ballot

For November General election, the Secretary of State will automatically send an application to every voter for the general election. You can also request one by contacting your county Board of Elections or through

To check the status of your ballot, click here and then click on your county to be redirected to right election portal for your place of residence.

Rides To Polls:

Two groups that are providing  rides to the polls:



Attention Absentee Voters in Franklin County!

Due to a malfunctioning mail sort machine, some voters in Franklin County received incorrect ballots. Voters in Franklin County who have received ballots can to do one of two things:​

1. You can match AB Style Number

2. You can Vote Early In-Person

Here's How You Can Match AB Style Number

Compare your AB Style number on the Absentee Ballot mailing envelope (printed on the lower corner of the envelope) with the AB Style number on the Absentee Ballot itself (printed on the bottom right-hand corner of the first page). 

Correct Ballot

If the numbers match, you have the correct ballot. You’re good to go. You can vote your ballot and return it to the dropbox at 1700 Morse Rd or put it in the mail.


Wrong Ballot

If the numbers do not match, you received an incorrect ballot. Do not return this ballot. The Board of Elections will send you a new, correct ballot in the near future. You will be able to vote that ballot!

You Can Vote Early In-Person

All voters, regardless of whether they applied for an absentee ballot or not, or received the correct or incorrect ballot, will be allowed to vote early in person at the Franklin County Board of Elections, 1700 Morse Rd, during early vote hours.

Don't Worry If You Already Returned Your ballot. If it was correct, that ballot will count. If it was incorrect, you will receive a new ballot in the mail with an explanation. You can go ahead and vote that replacement ballot.

Voting Materials Available From Our Coalition Partners For Free!


"You Have The Right To Vote" Palm Card.

Email Trevor Martin at to get copies of the card.


Election Protection Yard Signs. 

Please complete the request form to get yard signs today!

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"Your Voice Matters" Postcard.

Contact Your Regional Liaison And Pick Up Postcards Today! The list of liaisons are here:


Ohio Election Protection Volunteer Opportunities 2020

Please consider one or more of the following Election Protection volunteer opportunities this year:

  • Ambassadors 

  • Poll Monitors 

  • Social Media Monitors

  • Command Center Volunteers (Legal Experience Preferred) 


Click here to sign up to be an Election Protection volunteer today!

You can educate freiends, colleagues, and neighbors about elections and voting ith Election Protection! EP Ambassadors are available to speak at your next work/community meeting. Click here to fill out the Speaker Request Form.

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Visit to find out your voting options and personalized information about your ballot!

LWVO is honored to join Ohio Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor, the Ohio State Bar Association, the Bliss Institute for Applied Politics at the University of Akron, the Ohio Newspaper Association and Ohio Broadcasters Association in launching a statewide, nonpartisan, online judicial voter's guide - called Judicial Votes Count. Click here to see the website and read about your candidates

From Ohio Debate Commission

All four candidates on the 2020 ballot for two seats on the Ohio Supreme Court participated in a forum, virtually, with moderators Curtis Jackson of Spectrum News and Karen Kasler of the Ohio Statehouse News Bureau.

Judicial Votes Count

Help Get Out the Vote while #StayingHome

Governments and organizations are acting quickly to adapt as this crisis evolves. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and share our updates to help Ohioans stay informed of the latest in news updates and changes to policy and procedure. Social media is a great way to personally reach out to massive numbers of people in an instant to share essential and timely information.


Make five (5) calls to five (5) family members or friends. If they are a registered voter in Ohio, make sure they know how to cast a primary ballot. Then, ask each of them to call five (5) friends and family. Not only will this message begin to grow, but it also gives you the opportunity to reach out to old friends!