COVID-19 & 2020 General Election

Check out this video on how to vote by mail from our partners at @AllVotingisLocal. Great tips if this is your first time!

Tracking my Absentee Ballot

For November General election, the Secretary of State will automatically send an application to every voter for the general election. You can also request one by contacting your county Board of Elections or through

To check the status of your ballot, click here and then click on your county to be redirected to right election portal for your place of residence.

Ohio Election Protection Volunteer Opportunities 2020

Please consider one or more of the following Election Protection volunteer opportunities this year:

  • Ambassadors 

  • Poll Monitors 

  • Social Media Monitors

  • Command Center Volunteers (Legal Experience Preferred) 

  • Election Day Poll Workers 


Click here to sign up to be an Election Protection volunteer today!

Help Get Out the Vote while #StayingHome

Governments and organizations are acting quickly to adapt as this crisis evolves. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and share our updates to help Ohioans stay informed of the latest in news updates and changes to policy and procedure. Social media is a great way to personally reach out to massive numbers of people in an instant to share essential and timely information.


Make five (5) calls to five (5) family members or friends. If they are a registered voter in Ohio, make sure they know how to cast a primary ballot. Then, ask each of them to call five (5) friends and family. Not only will this message begin to grow, but it also gives you the opportunity to reach out to old friends!


Become a Poll Worker Today!

Join us on the front lines of democracy and exercise your civic duty by signing up to be a poll worker here:

Contact Us: 

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Press/Media inquiries:

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