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Thank you to all our members and supporters who joined us for Statehouse Day!

Couldn't attend? No problem! You can still take action on critical democracy issues. We've placed the program slides, factsheets, policy priorities, and take action requests below!​

LWVO Statehouse Day Powerpoint Presentation 2021 

Redistricting Sessions (Ohio Statehouse Mapmaking; Congressional Mapmaking)

Click here to download the fact sheet. 

Take action today by sending Redistricting Commission members a message to end gerrymandering and commit to a fair, transparent mapmaking process.

To take action today, go to:

  • Take Action # 2

Take action today by calling your legislators that you want a transparent redistricting process and fair maps.

Look up your Reps and Senators here:


Message for your legislator:

Ohio voters want a transparent redistricting process and fair maps. Bipartisan ballot initiatives in 2015 and 2018 passed with well over 70% of the vote in all 88 counties. Do your part to end partisan gerrymandering in Ohio.

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Election Policy Session


Click here to download the fact sheet. 


With the next election a comfortable distance away, now is the time to modernize our elections systems and improve voting access for all Ohioans, regardless of their zip code, physical health, or color of their skin. Send a message to your legislators asking them to get Ohio election ready and protect your vote! 

To take action today, go to:

  • Take Action # 2

Call your state representative and tell them that Ohioans should not have to choose between protecting their health and having their voices heard on legislation that affects their daily lives.

Look up your state representative's contact information


Message for your legislator:

Please support House Bill 55. No one should have to choose between their health and participating in democracy. Virtual testimony must be an option so that all Ohioans can continue to exercise their right to have a say in their democracy and participate in the legislative process.