Take Action

Our mission and work is centered around the idea that it takes all of us to create and maintain a more perfect democracy that works for all of us. At the League, WE TAKE ACTION. We  work to protect and expand access to elections and our government, and advocate on public policy matters that affect positive change in the life of every Ohioan. 

YOU can influence public policy on timely, critical issues in Ohio by sending a message to your legislator

Current Policy Priorities

We invite you to learn more about some of our current policy priorities.

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Voting & Elections



Honesty in Education

Environment & Clean Energy

Gun Safety Reform

Take Action Now

Action alerts are how we inform and mobilize people on critical and timely policy issues. You can make a difference NOW by using the links below to send a message to your elected officials!

Democracy Issues

*   Ensure access to the Statehouse for all Ohioans with Virtual Testimony

*   Support Free and Fair Elections in Ohio

*   Fair Districts

*   Secure Voter Registration Systems

Social Justice Issues

*   Protect Honesty in the Classroom

*   Abolish the Death Penalty

*   Take Action Against Intimate Partner Violence

*   Keep Ohioans Safe from Gun Violence

*   Repeal HB6