Young Voter Outreach

The League is committed to engaging and empowering our youth, and ensuring they have the knowledge and skills they need to become informed voters and engaged citizens. 


A few of the ways LWVO and its local Leagues are making a difference:  

  • We work with universities and high schools throughout Ohio on voter education and outreach. 

  • We work with the Girl Scouts to implement our Voter Girl program throughout Ohio.

  • We provide scholarships to students to attend our annual LWVO Statehouse Day, and pair them with mentors. 

  • We employ interns that we provide with the skills and social networks necessary to pursue a career in the public or nonprofit sector.   

Outreach to young voters makes a difference! 

What are youth barriers to voting?

  • 52% need to rearrange their work or school schedule

  • 39% did not know where to vote

  • 26% need help with their questions about candidates, ballots, and polls.

  • 26% need help discerning truth vs. fake news

  • 25% need to arrange a ride to the polls

The Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement found that the national youth turnout rate doubling in 2018 due to the increased level of voter outreach, and youth engagement in particular. When a greater number of young adults are politically engaged earlier in life, they are more likely to remain engaged in the future. 

Well before they turn 18, it is essential that youth begin to receive messages and have experiences that empower them to believe that their voices matter and that change is possible. After a will has been planted, a way must be granted. That's where equal access to civic education becomes critical, and where nonprofits and volunteers can play a vital role.

* Infograph courtesy of the Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement