Elections & Voting

"When we vote, we take back our power to choose, to speak up, and to stand

with those who support us and each other." Loung Ung

The right to vote is too great a power to forego. But we also know that voting can be confusing.

We're here to help to make sure that you are informed and empowered to



Be a Poll Worker 

There is a nationwide chronic shortage of poll workers which threatens free and fair elections

 Due to this shortage wait times tend to be longest at polling places that serve communities of color

What do poll workers do?

  1. Set up voting machines

  2. Hand out ballots

  3. Assist voters with disabilities

  4. Check in voters

  5. Review IDs where they are required

  6. (And they can even get paid!)

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Election Protection

Largest non-partisan voter protection coalition of 100+ organizations

What is Election Protection?

  • Election protection strives to make sure every eligible voter who wishes to cast a ballot can do so.

  • They are the eyes and ears of election administration and they track and address voter challenges head-on.

What can I do for Election Protection?

  • Ambassadors - Help spread the word about the Election Protection Hotline. 

  • Poll Monitors - Assist voters outside the polls during Early Voting and on Election Day to answer voter questions, distribute fliers with voter education, and report problems to the Election Protection Hotline.

  • Social Media Monitors - Ensure accurate voting information is put on social media.

  • Command Center Volunteers - Monitor the Election Protection Hotline to ensure that election problems are resolved by boards of election officials.

  • Text Banking Volunteers - Mobilize thousands of Ohio Voters to Get Out the Vote!


Early Voting Hours

Uniform statewide voting is set by the secretary of state

Early Voting in Ohio

  • Early in person votings begins 28 days before an election.

  • Please note that there is only ONE Saturday for early voting in the August 2 primary.

  • Note that early voting is only available at one location per county, typically the county Board of Elections. Click here to find your early voting center


***ID Requirement: To vote early you ONLY need to know the last four digits of your social security number***