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Our vote is our power. Through our votes, elections make our voices heard. The League protects and empowers millions of voters every year to ensure that our elections are fair, accessible, and representative of all Americans.

On this page you will find the information and resources you need to cast your ballot, and inform and empower others in your community to do the same.


What's New in

Ohio's Election Laws?

In 2023 Governor DeWine signed off on HB 458, which substantially changed the way voting and elections work in Ohio. 

Click here for your QUICK GUIDE to all things new and different in the way Ohioans register to vote and cast their ballot.


Get Ready to Vote

We've got your A - Z guide on casting your ballot, from researching your ballot to choosing the best way to vote for you. 

Click here to for details on registration, absentee voting, Voter ID, and more.

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Key Dates

Elections in Ohio are more of a season than a one-day affair. Make sure you know all the dates and deadlines to cast your ballot in the way that works best for you. 

Click here for Ohio's election calendar for the upcoming election.

Voter Resources

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