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The LWVO Community Forum is intended to allow members to connect with each other

from across the state with the goal of sharing helpful, relevant content. 

By entering into the LWV Ohio Virtual Discussion Board, you attest that you: 

  1. are a dues paying member of the League of Women Voters of Ohio, and

  2. agree to act by the LWVO Community Values and Guidelines when posting content, as they are noted below. 

Enter the Discussion Board

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Values and Guidelines


Be Honest and Ethical

  • In order to identify you as a member, we ask that you use your real first and last name (not a made up username or email address). 

  • Do not post content that infringes on the intellectual or other proprietary rights of others. Give credit where credit is due.

  • Don't post content that invades others' privacy. For example, don't post other people's phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, or other personal information, and don't post links to phishing or other malware sites.

  • Do not share advice or directions on any issue that may be illegal or unethical. 

Be Relevant 

  • All posts and replies are relevant to the mission of the League of Women Voters of Ohio. 

  • Please ensure that your post is shared in the appropriate discussion board, as they are divided by topic (membership, DEI, advocacy, etc…). 

  • Replies to a post should be directly related to that post. 

  • Content consisting of advertising, promotion, or solicitation (whether direct or indirect) is prohibited.

  • Users should check for duplicate content before posting - Someone might have already created a post similar to yours, or answered your question.

Be Respectful: The League of Women Voters of Ohio strongly values the diversity of all humans and ideas, and works with intent towards equity and inclusion. 

  • Don't attempt to drown out other people's opinions.

  • Don't engage in name-calling or attack people based on whether you agree with them.

  • You may question the statements of others as long as it is relevant and done in a respectful and non-threatening manner.

  • Don't post content that is libelous, defamatory, harassing, threatening, or inflammatory to any person(s) in this group or outside of it. 

  • Don't post content that is obscene, pornographic, or violent. 

Disclaimer: The content of this discussion board reflects the knowledge, opinions, and experiences of individual members, and that the League of Women Voters of Ohio and any of its staff/contractors/volunteers are not responsible for any content on the Discussion Board and cannot be held liable. 


Thanks for being a part of this community and sharing your voice!

By entering into the LWVO Discussion Board I agree to act in accordance with the values and guidelines as mentioned above.

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