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Activism For Young Leaders

Youth in Action Purpose:

The purpose of LWVO’s Youth in Action (YIA) is to give youth (ages 13-25) an empowering space to be able to learn and engage in dialogue centered on becoming civically engaged and learning how to use their voices to have an impact on the government. The YIA will use a social-justice oriented framework for civic engagement and promote growth through personal exploration and socially responsible leadership.


The YIA plans to meet twice a month and will cover a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Advocacy

  • Mental Health

  • Government & Leadership

  • Women’s Rights Issues

  • Community Engagement

  • Voter Accessibility



Additionally, the YIA offers:

  • Mentor-Mentee Relationships

  • Speakers / Workshops

  • Service Opportunities (In-person or Remote)

  • Professional and Personal Growth

  • Leadership opportunities

  • A chance to influence the policies and practices of the League of Women Voters

Youth in Action Social Media:

Twitter: @Youth_inAction_


Instagram: @youthinaction1920

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Meetings on Sundays at 11am!

Click here to register!


The VOTER Girl Project is a fun and rewarding activity in which Leagues collaborate with their local Girl Scout councils. The one-day class is available for all scout levels--from Daisies to Ambassadors--with a curriculum appropriate for each level. (Ambassadors have work outside the class to complete the badge requirements.)

League members use their knowledge of voting and advocacy to help scouts earn citizenship badges that promote the ideals Leagues cherish.

A curriculum guide has been developed by teachers and communicators with backgrounds in diversity and elementary and higher education. You receive marketing materials and operation tips that have been tested.

Best of all, scouts bring to the event their curiosity and determination to learn. Your League develops a high-profile community event that draws interest from media, parents and public officials. Click here to read more. 

Voting and Civics: Know Your Ohio Government


Voting and Civics: Know Your Ohio Government - a statewide online curriculum designed to civically engage students of all ages and drive young voter turnout across Ohio. This dynamic program is built with flexibility and versatility in mind — it is highly adaptable across grade levels, learning abilities, and teaching environments. All resources are FREE and available 24/7, with online support and assistance.


Students can actively participate as a citizen while simultaneously increasing their knowledge of how the government and elections work. Exercises include registering to vote, writing to a politician, conducting mock elections, voting, and learning about various roles, and structures in government. Instructors and students are encouraged to explore and complete any or all of the activities.  Click here to read more. 

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