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Action alerts are how we inform and mobilize people on critical and timely policy issues. You can make a difference NOW by using the links below to send a message to your elected officials!

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Senate Bill 186 would make our voter rolls more accurate, make elections more secure, and save millions in taxpayer $$$. It’s time to pass the Voter Verification and Registration bill.

Tell your Senator to vote YES on mmodernizing voter registration in Ohio.

Changes in state law have caused the number of Ohio school districts affected by the expansion of the EdChoice voucher program to explode, and local school districts have been left scrambling trying to figure out how to pick up the tab. The unrestricted growth of the program endangers public education in Ohio. 

TAKE ACTION NOW to tell your legislator that local school districts should not have to pay for students they do not educate

WE NEED BETTER REGISTRATION SYSTEMS! Senate Bill 194 requires the Secretary of State to adopt rules establishing guidelines for the approval and continued certification of voter registration systems. More secure registration systems would reduce the likelihood of registration errors that would disenfranchise voters. 

Senate Bill 194 passed the Senate unanimously! Contact your Ohio Representative to help ensure that SB194 passes the House quickly. 


A number of bipartisan bills proposed in the Legislature could make great strides in protecting women and children in Ohio. 

Ask your your legislators to move these bills and help save the lives of women and children in Ohio. 


SB 191 would allow voters to apply for absentee ballots online, and it has had three hearings before the Ohio Senate Government & Oversight Committee. It is just sitting there. There has been very strong support from Secretary of State Frank LaRose, the Ohio Association of Election Officials, League of Women Voters and others. 

Making Absentee Voting more efficient will help reduce lines on Election Day, but time is not on our side. The Ohio Legislature could go on summer recess as early as this week.


Take action by calling your Senator today!

Take the Pledge to End Gerrymandering in Ohio

Click here to download a printable copy of the pledge sign. 

Advocacy Forum on May 13 - Click here to download the links to the federal and state action alerts 

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