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Contact Your Legislators

Your legislators work for you! It is a part of their job and a responsibility they hold to know the views of their constituents, and they can't do that without you communicating with them. Keep in mind that it's not possible for any legislator to be an expert in everything. Your own experience and expertise are valuable to your legislators and impact their decisions.

Enter your information below to find the name and contact information of your elected officials in every level of government. Reach out to your legislators to communicate your views about a bill that is being debated, to bring an issue to their attention, or to better understand their views and opinions on issues that matter to you. 

Tips and Tricks for More Effective Communication

  • Make phone calls. Activists and lawmakers of all political stripes recommend calling legislators, not just emailing — and certainly not just venting on social media. A large volume of calls on a hot topic propels an issue to the forefront. 

  • Speak to the staff. It's impossible for an elected official, particularly on the state and federal level, to take every call and meeting. Even if you don’t speak directly to the lawmaker, staff members are there to pass the message along. 

  • Be nice. Address your legislators and their staff properly, and be kind and courteous. They hear from all kinds of people all day, and being courteous makes it more likely that your message will be taken seriously and passed along to your lawmaker.

  • Be brief and to the point. Be specific, discuss only one issue at a time, and be sure to identify specific information about a bill (sponsor and bill number) if you are calling/emailing to discuss a specific bill. Also clearly identify the action that you would like your lawmaker to take, i.e. Please support xyz OR Please oppose XYZ. 

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