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Voting when you have a disability: what provisions does Ohio law provide?

Confined Voters with a Physical Disability, Illness, or Infirmity

If you are a voter with a disability, or are confined to your home, a nursing home, jail, or workhouse and cannot vote at your polling location on Election Day or in person at your county board of election office due to personal illness, physical disability, infirmity, or confinement, you may vote by an absentee ballot

  • Complete Form 11-F: Application for Absent Voter's Ballot by Confined Voter or a Voter With a Personal Illness, Physical Disability, or Infirmity

  • Form here.


Accessible Absentee Voting

Voters with a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) can use a remote ballot marking tool to vote. In this system, a ballot is sent to the voter electronically and the voter can use an accessibility device to mark the ballot on a computer. The completed ballot is then printed and mailed back to the voter’s local Board of Elections.

  • Complete Form 11-G: Application for Absent Voter's Ballot by a Voter With a Disability & Request to Use Remote Ballot Marking System.

  • Form here.


Curbside Voting

Voters with a disability who are physically unable to enter an early voting location during the early vote period or a polling location on Election Day can vote curbside. With curbside voting, two poll workers (one Republican and one Democratic) administer the ballot to you from your vehicle. 


To vote curbside, call your Board of Elections to make prior arrangements. You may also send someone inside the polling location to inform poll workers of your desire to vote curbside. 

  • To find contact information for your county Board of Elections, go here.


Unforeseeable Hospitalization

If you or your minor child is confined to a hospital due to an unforeseen medical emergency in the week before Election Day, you can use a Form 11-B to vote from the hospital. 

To learn more about options for Ohio voters with disabilities, visit the Ohio Secretary of State site here

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