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Our Guiding Principles

The League of Women Voters of Ohio (LWVO) holds steadfast to values that include respect, nonpartisanship, and the dissemination of accurate and reliable civic information. Inspired by these principles, our actions and communications, both on and offline, aim to constructively engage individuals and communities about civic issues, while acknowledging and honoring diverse experiences and perspectives.

Engagement & Respectful Dialogue

Our social media platforms are forums for respectful, informative, and nonpartisan dialogue. We encourage conversations that uphold our commitment to fostering informed and active participation in democracy. Posts and comments should adhere to a positive and constructive tone, facilitating a safe and welcoming environment for all members and the general public.

Moderation Policy

  • Removal of Content: LWVO reserves the right to hide or remove posts, comments, or other content that, in our judgment, violate our values and principles. This includes, but is not limited to, content that disrupts the community standards of civil, informative, and nonpartisan discourse or promotes mis/disinformation.

  • Blocking Users: Individuals who repeatedly violate our guidelines may be blocked from our social media platforms to preserve the integrity of our digital communities.

  • Member-Specific Policy: Content and information intended exclusively for LWVO members or its governing bodies must not be shared publicly on social media platforms by League members. Members who share content that undermines LWVO positions or is disparaging towards our organization, members, or staff is subject to removal from LWVO platforms, and the member may face additional consequences per our governance policies.

Responsibilities and Reporting

  • Members' Responsibilities: All LWVO members are ambassadors of our values and should exemplify them in their interactions on our official platforms

  • Reporting Inappropriate Content: Members and followers are encouraged to report any content or interactions that contravene this policy using our established reporting mechanisms, to be reviewed by the appropriate LWVO committee.

Adherence and Accountability

Compliance with this policy ensures that our digital spaces remain constructive, respectful, and supportive environments. Violations of this policy will be addressed promptly, and may result in removal of content, blocking of the user, and/or further actions as deemed appropriate by the LWVO Board.

Review and Amendments

This policy is subject to periodic review and may be amended to reflect changes in our operational context and the evolving digital landscape.

In embracing digital technologies to further our mission, the LWVO remains committed to promoting responsible, respectful, and constructive digital engagement, reflecting our broader organizational values and objectives.

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