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Audrey Morris

LWVO Board 1st Vice President

Audrey Morris is a member of  the Greater Cleveland League’s Shaker Heights chapter. She has a long history of  involvement with nonprofit organizations starting in her native NY, NY, and then at  the Women’s Institute for Economic Progress in Boston, MA where she worked to  secure housing for women and children with AIDS. She has a B.A. in economics from Harvard University and has worked for the U.S. Department of Commerce, as well as a  writer and managing editor for a variety of publications too numerous to list.

The focus  of her work has been in protecting the interests of women and children, working to  help them obtain the housing, health care, education, public benefits, and legal services available to them.

Since joining the League in 2014, she has most recently  served as Treasurer of LWVO (2021-2023) as well as Co-President and Vice President of  the League of Women Voters of Greater Cleveland(2017-2021), Shaker Heights Chapter  Chair (2015-2017), and learned the process of League study on the League of Women  Voters of Ohio Primary Election Systems Study Committee (2016-2017). She also is on  the Community Advisory Councils of the Flora Stone Mather Center for Women at Case  Western Reserve University, and the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Area  (NOACA). 

Audrey Morris
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