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In October 2023, the Ohio Redistricting Commission unanimously approved Statehouse maps that were condemned by good government groups across the state.

The seven-member Commission, which has five Republican members and two Democratic members, voted in favor of district maps that will be in place until the end of the decade. Unfortunately, these maps continue Ohio's extreme gerrymandering, and prevent Ohioans from having the fair representation they deserve.

These maps will stay in place until the next decade, when new maps will be drawn after the updated population date from the US Census comes out.

But we can fix this!

If we pass the Citizens Not Politicians Amendment in the 2024 General Election, the Commission will be replaced by a citizen-led commission who will create new, fair maps that will be put in place by 2026.

The League of Women Voters of Ohio has been working to get fair districts in the Buckeye state for decades. We are one of the coalition partners in this campaign, and we are taking a leading role in collecting signatures to put the amendment onto the ballot for 2024. Our members play a critical role in this first part of the campaign, and will spend the next year educating voters about the redistricting process, the danger gerrymandering poses to our democracy, and how we can finally get fair representation in Ohio.

Getting politicians and lobbyists out of the map-drawing process is the way forward for a fair Ohio. It's time to finally end gerrymandering. For good.

Fair Districts Ohio is a coalition of grassroots organizations committed to fairer state legislative and congressional maps.  We are a non-partisan team of voting rights experts and organizations working to create a better and more equitable representational democracy. The coalition is led by Common Cause Ohio and the League of Women Voters of Ohio, and joined by the Ohio A. Philip Randolph Institute, the Ohio Council of Churches, the Ohio Voter Rights Coalition, and other good government organizations.

Go to the Fair Districts Ohio site to get the latest on what's happening in redistricting reform, the signature gathering campaign, and current trainings and other events. 

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