Advocacy and lobbying are central to being an informed and active participant in government. We've filled this page helpful information, resources, guidelines, training videos, and tools that will help you become a better advocate for yourself, your community, and the League.


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Sunshine Laws

LWVUS Resource Guide for Observing Your Government in Action​ : A great general guide that includes the importance of Sunshine through getting an Observer Corps up and running

Law in Ohio: ​Ohio’s public records and open meetings laws, collectively known as the "Sunshine Laws," give Ohioans access to government meetings and records.

  • Yellow Book:​ ​The Sunshine Laws Manual, also known as the "Yellow Book," provides summaries of Revised Code provisions and case law regarding the Ohio Public Records Act and Open Meetings Act. 

  • Sunshine Law Videos:​ ​To assist and educate members of the public in understanding and accessing Ohio's Sunshine Laws, the AGO has developed ​several informational videos​ on the topics about which they frequently receive questions.

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