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Testimony Witness Forms

Click on the committee below to download the witness information form. Where a committee-specific form is not available or not needed, click here to download a generic form.

Download the Ohio State Board of Education Witness Information Form here in PDF or Word

LWVO lobby corps members who wish to submit testimony on behalf of the League MUST submit their testimony to the LWVO office, whereby it will be approved and sent from there. 

Standing Committees of the Ohio Senate - 135th General Assembly

Agriculture and Natural Resources 

  • Sen. Schaffer, Chair

  • Sen. Landis, Vice Chair

  • Sen. Hicks-Hudson, Ranking Member

Community Revitalization

  • Sen. Johnson, Chair

  • Sen. Hoagland, Vice Chair

  • Sen. Sykes, Ranking Member


  • Sen. Brenner, Chair

  • Sen. O’Brien, Vice Chair

  • Sen. Ingram, Ranking Member


Energy and Public Utilities

  • Sen. Reineke, Chair

  • Sen. McColley, Vice Chair

  • Sen. Smith Ranking Member


  • Sen. Dolan, Chair

  • Sen. Cirino, Vice Chair

  • Sen. Sykes, Ranking Member

Financial Institutions and Technology

  • Sen. Wilson, Chair

  • Sen. Hackett, Vice Chair

  • Sen. Smith, Ranking Member

General Government

  • Sen. Rulli, Chair

  • Sen. Gavarone, Vice Chair

  • Sen. DeMora, Ranking Member

Government Oversight

  • Sen. Roegner, Chair

  • Sen. Antani, Vice Chair

  • Sen. Hicks-Hudson, Ranking Member


  • Sen. S. Huffman, Chair

  • Sen. Johnson, Vice Chair

  • Sen. Antonio, Ranking Member



  • Sen. Hackett, Chair

  • Sen. Schuring, Vice Chair

  • Sen. Craig, Ranking Member


  • Sen. Manning, Chair

  • Sen. Reynolds, Vice Chair

  • Sen. Hicks-Hudson, Ranking Member

Local Government

  • Sen. O’Brien, Chair

  • Sen. Kunze, Vice Chair

  • Sen. DeMora, Ranking Member


  • Sen. Romanchuk, Chair

  • Sen. Dolan, Vice Chair

  • Sen. Ingram, Ranking Member

Small Business and Economic Opportunity

  • Sen. Lang, Chair

  • Sen. Wilkin, vice Chair

  • Sen. Sykes, Ranking Member


  • Sen. Kunze, Chair

  • Sen. Reineke, Vice Chair

  • Sen. Antonio, Ranking Member

Standing Committees of the Ohio House of Representatives - 135th General Assembly


  • Rep. Creech, Chair

  • Rep. Klopfenstein, Vice Chair

  • Rep. Brent, Ranking Member

Armed Services and Veteran Affairs

  • Rep. Loychik, Chair

  • Rep. Demetriou, Vice Chair

  • Rep. Miller, Ranking Member

Aviation and Aerospace

  • Rep. Holmes, Chair

  • Rep. Willis, Vice Chair

  • Rep. Baker, Ranking Member

Behavioral Health

  • Rep. Pavliga, Chair

  • Rep. White, vice Chair

  • Rep. Humphrey, Ranking Member

Civil Justice

  • Rep. Hillyer, Chair

  • Rep. Mathews, Vice Chair

  • Rep. Galonski, Ranking Member

Commerce and Labor

  • Rep. Johnson, Chair

  • Rep. Manchester, Vice Chair

  • Rep. McNally, Ranking Member

Constitutional Resolutions

  • Rep. Plummer, Chair

  • Rep. Hillyer, Vice Chair

  • Rep. Mohamed, Ranking Member

Criminal Justice

  • Rep. Abrams, Chair

  • Rep. Williams, Vice Chair

  • Rep. Brown, Ranking Member

Economic and Workforce Development

  • Rep. Swearingen, Chair

  • Rep. Santucci, Vice Chair

  • Rep. Upchurch, Ranking Member

Energy and Natural Resources

  • Rep. Kick, Chair

  • Rep. Lear, Vice Chair

  • Rep. Rogers, Ranking Member

Families and Aging

  • Rep. Schmidt, Chair

  • Rep. Miller, Vice Chair

  • Rep. Humphery, Ranking Member


  • Rep. Edwards, Chair

  • Rep. LaRe, Vice Chair

  • Rep. Sweeney, Ranking Member

Financial Institutions

  • Rep. Powell, Chair

  • Rep. Dell’Aquila, Vice Chair

  • Rep. Barhorst, Ranking Member

Government Oversight

  • Rep. Peterson, Chair

  • Rep. Thomas, Vice Chair

  • Rep. Forhan, Ranking Member

Health Provider Services

  • Rep. Cutrona, Chair

  • Rep. Gross, Vice Chair

  • Rep. Somani, Ranking Member

Higher Education

  • Rep. Young, Chair

  • Rep. Dobos, Vice Chair

  • Rep. Miller, Ranking Member

Homeland Security

  • Rep. Ghanbari, Chair

  • Rep. Plummer, Vice Chair

  • Rep. Thomas, Ranking Member


  • Rep. Stoltzfus, Chair

  • Rep. Click, Vice Chair

  • Rep. Blackshear, Ranking Member


  • Rep. Lampton, Chair

  • Rep. Barhorst, Vice Chair

  • Rep. Miranda


  • Rep. Young, Chair

  • Rep. King, Vice Chair

  • Rep. Lightbody, Ranking Member

Primary and Secondary Education

  • Rep. Bird, Chair

  • Rep. Fowler Arthur, Vice Chair

  • Rep. Robinson, Ranking Member

Public Health Policy

  • Rep. Lipps, Chair

  • Rep. Stewart, Vice Chair

  • Rep. Liston, Ranking Member

Public Utilities

  • Rep. Stein, Chair

  • Rep. Robb Blasdel, Vice Chair

  • Rep. Weinstein, Ranking Member

State and Local Government

  • Rep. John, Chair

  • Rep. Dean, Vice Chair

  • Rep. Brennan, Ranking Member

Technology and Innovation

  • Rep. Hall, Chair

  • Rep. Claggett, Vice Chair

  • Rep. Abdullahi, Ranking Member


  • Rep. McClain, Chair

  • Rep. Ferguson, Vice Chair

  • Rep. Grim, Ranking Member

Ways and Means

  • Rep. Roemer, Chair

  • Rep. Merrin, Vice Chair

  • Rep. Troy, Ranking Member

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