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Elisabeth Warner

Communications Coordinator

Joining LWVO as our Communications Coordinator in 2023, Elisabeth is an ardent believer that effective, thoughtful, and equitible communication is the key to vibrant civic participation. She is proud to support LWVO’s leadership in empowering voters across Ohio and its commitment to strengthening our democracy by working to ensure all voices are heard.

Elisabeth began her professional life as an advocate in reproductive health care, eventually becoming the advocacy director of an Ohio health center. After taking some time away from work to be with her beloved daughter, Elisabeth spent the last decade leading communication and corporate social responsibility strategies for a national retailer. She directed initiatives with local nonprofits, farmers, and producers across 5 states to connect people and resources to meaningful community progress and improvement, as well as marketing and social media strategy, brand development, event management, and community outreach.

During the pandemic, Elisabeth began a much-delayed college education, and graduated in 2023 from Ohio University with a bachelors in communication and minor in political science. She also holds a certificate in political communication from OU. In addition to her professional and academic work, Elisabeth has been a voting rights activist for more than two decades. She is a member of the Metro Columbus League, and when not working can be found reading, hosting a last-minute potluck, or wondering where she left her phone.

Elisabeth Warner
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