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Shelly Lewis

LWVO Board Director

Shelly Lewis joined the League in 2019. She is currently the LWVO Voter Service Chair, and has served as LWV Geauga’s President and Voter Service Chair since 2020. During her tenure, an active Observer Corps was developed in Geauga and informative reports about local issues are now readily available to the public.  Shelly serves as the League Observer for the Geauga Board of Elections, a role that helps her better inform the public about elections and voting. She is proud to be part of a dynamic team serving voters in Geauga and throughout Ohio.

Shelly led the effort to revamp Geauga’s candidate forums, which are now widely praised by voters and candidates alike for their fairness, civility and educational value.  To complement the print voter guide, she implemented VOTE411, which has been well received by both voters and candidates. Having seen firsthand how League resources and collaboration can elevate local services, Shelly is most interested in developing relationships among local leagues so that we may identify and share best practices for voter services. 

Shelly formerly worked as a CPA in public accounting, and also has finance and accounting experience in the corporate and government sectors. She holds degrees in Business Administration and in Accounting.

Shelly Lewis
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