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LWVO Volunteer Lobby Corps
Issue Specialist Application

LWVO is looking for Issue Specialists to lead advocacy teams.

This position's responsibilities include testifying in General Assembly Committee hearings, speaking at Local League meetings, strategizing on supporting or opposing legislation, and being a media contact when necessary. Issue specialists will also assist in building the support teams that will assist them in these responsibilities.


Issue specialists must be nonpartisan to qualify for the position. The League of Women Voters’ nonpartisan image in active legislative and civic advocacy is critical. Therefore, our voice must remain nonpartisan when engaging in policy formulation and implementation. As a result, there is a need to hold our Lobby Corps issue leaders to a higher level of nonpartisanship.


For those who are passionate about issues and are more politically active, there are other important support roles you can work in. There is a place for everyone in this work.

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