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Legislative Testimony from the LWV Ohio

Democracy, Elections, & Voting

House Bill 680

Countless Ohioans were cut out of the process this Primary Election, but Ohio lawmakers are considering legislation (HB 680) that would potentially make the General Election even worse. In the event of a public health emergency, Ohio would once again transition to a nearly all-mail election with limited in-person voting, cut early voting short, and send voters a confusing postcard about how to participate in the election. Instead, Ohio lawmakers need to implement commonsense reforms to allow online absentee ballot requests, add additional early voting and drop boxes per county, and prepay postage. 

Opposition testimony submitted by Jen Miller, LWVO Executive Director, June 2, 2020

Senate Bill 194

VOTER REGISTRATION SYSTEMS (Rulli - R) To rename the Board of Voting Machine Examiners as the Board of Voting Equipment Examiners, to require the Board to approve voter registration systems for use in Ohio, and to require a board of elections to decide a protest against a candidate filing within ten days.

Proponent testimony submitted to the Senate General Government & Agency Review Committee on October 2, 2019

Senate Bill 30

WOMEN'S SUFFRAGE CENTENNIAL COMMISSION (Kunze - R; Williams - D) To create the Women's Suffrage Centennial Commission.

Proponent testimony submitted to the House State & Local Government Committee on March 27, 2019

Senate Bill 22

REDUCE MINIMUM PRECINCT ELECTION OFFICIALS (Eucker- R) To reduce the minimum number of precinct election officials in a multi-precinct polling location in which electronic poll books are used.

Opposition testimony submitted to the House State & Local Government Committee on May 21, 2019

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Protecting Women, Children & Families

Senate Bill 13

HUMAN TRAFFICKING (Fedor- D) To require a juvenile court to hold a delinquency complaint in abeyance in certain cases related to prostitution or human trafficking and to provide that the same elements for the offense of trafficking in persons that apply to a victim under the age of sixteen also apply to a victim who is age sixteen or seventeen. 

Proponent testimony submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee on March 4, 2019

House Bill 3

AISHA'S LAW (Boyd -D; Carruthers - R) To add domestic violence circumstances to the offenses of aggravated murder and endangering children, to establish local domestic violence high risk teams, and to require law enforcement officers to utilize a qualified lethality assessment screening tool to refer high risk victims to a local team.

Proponent testimony submitted to the House Criminal Justice Committee on June 12, 2019

Senate Bill 23

PROHIBIT ABORTION - DETECTABLE HEARTBEAT (Roegner - R) To generally prohibit an abortion of an unborn human individual with a detectable heartbeat and to create the Joint Legislative Committee on Adoption Promotion and Support.

Opposition testimony submitted to the Senate Health, Human Services, & Medicaid Committee on February 26, 2019

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House Bill 154

DISSOLVE DISTRESS COMMISSIONS (Miller - D; Jones - R) To dissolve academic distress commissions and to instead require the creation of community learning centers for buildings in low-performing school districts.

Proponent testimony submitted to the House Primary & Secondary Education Committee on April 8, 2019

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Environmental Protection & Clean Energy

Senate Bill 33

CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE FACILITIES (Hoagland - R) To modify certain criminal offenses with respect to critical infrastructure facilities and to impose fines and civil liability for damage to a critical infrastructure facilities. 

Opposition testimony submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee on April 10, 2019

House Bill 202

ELECTRIC VEHICLE INFRASTRUCTURE (Smith - D; Weinstein - D) To establish the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Study Committee.

Proponent testimony submitted to the House Transportation & Public Safety Committee on October 1, 2019

House Bill 242

CONTAINER USE RESTRICTIONS (Lang- R; Jones - R) To authorize the use of an auxiliary container for any purpose, to prohibit the imposition of a tax or fee on those containers, and to apply existing anti-littering law to those containers..

Opposition testimony submitted to the House State & Local Government Committee on June 11, 2019

House Bill 6

CLEAN AIR PROGRAM (Callender- R; Wilkin - R) To create the Ohio Clean Air Program, to facilitate and encourage electricity production and use from clean air resources, and to proactively engage the buying power of consumers in this state for the purpose of improving air quality in this state.

Opposition testimony submitted to the Senate Energy & Public Utilities Committee on June 18, 2019

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Gun Safety

House Bill 178

CONCEALED WEAPONS REFORM (Hood- R; Brinkman - R) To modify the Weapons Law by renaming a concealed handgun license as a concealed weapons license, allowing a concealed weapons licensee to carry concealed all deadly weapons not otherwise prohibited by law, repealing a notice requirement applicable to licensees stopped for a law enforcement purpose, authorizing expungement of convictions of a violation of that requirement, allowing a person age 21 or older and not prohibited by federal law from firearm possession to carry a concealed deadly weapon without needing a license subject to the same carrying laws as a licensee

Opposition testimony submitted to the House Federalism Committee on May 22, 2019


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