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What We Do

The League of Women Voters of Ohio offers numerous programs, activities, events, and resources that help Ohioans stay informed and engaged. 

The central place to learn about League advocacy. Here you can see the Leagues postions, action alerts, and advocacy resources.


The calendar of impactful events that the League of Women Voters of Ohio is hosting in the future. These events are sure to keep you updated on upcoming League advocacy.

The place for all things voting. Here you can access election resources, voting 4/11 information, and key dates for upcoming elections.

The definitive guide for citizens who want to learn how to influence government policies. A concise reference book on state and local government: the branches of government, state and local agencies and their funding, elections, and more.

The page for LWVO’s Youth in Action which gives youth (ages 13-25) an empowering space to learn and engage in dialogue centered around learning how to use their voices to have an impact on the government and becoming more civically engaged. 

This a statewide curriculum designed to engage a diverse group of students and increase young voter turnout across Ohio. This program is online, available 24/7, and FREE for all students.

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