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LWV Ohio Volunteer Lobby Corps

The LWVO Lobby Corps consists of volunteers across the state who work to track and influence state-level policy. Their dedication and hard work has allowed the League to be active and effective in improving the lives of Ohioans for more than 100 years.

LWVO Lobby Corps volunteers guide League activities to monitor and impact policy making, primarily by the state legislature. There are two levels of active participation: Issue Specialists and Support Team Member, which have certain requirements and an application process. League members are also welcome to attend the Lobby Corps call to learn and observe. Click here to join the listserv and be notified of calls.

Lobby Corps members, at all levels, typically identify if the League has a position related to a specific piece of legislation, articulate why it is a concern to the League, develop the League’s stance on the bill, evaluate opportunities to impact the outcome and shape a useful strategy. 


While individual League members serve as the Issue Specialist for a specific area, all League members are encouraged to develop or share their knowledge of an issue with the Lobby Corps, and to participate in legislative advocacy. Similarly, Lobby Corps members are encouraged to connect with other League members and League chapters to share knowledge and to mobilize local League members to participate in lobbying activities. 


League members who would like to become an Issue Specalist or Support Team Member must complete an application and online orientation and training. (Application links are below)


Effective participants must: 


  • have an interest in and willingness to learn about how government bodies conduct their business.


  • have an interest in and willingness to learn about the substantive issues on which they will be lobbying.


  • be willing to participate in monthly strategy meetings, to observe legislative committee meetings, and to update the listserv for a specific subject area.

Issue Specialists

... typically focus on an area where they have a strong interest and relevant expertise. They work with the Advocacy Committee Chair and Policy Affairs Manager to take responsibility for a specific subject area outlined in the LWV Ohio Agenda for Action and/or LWVUS Impact on Issues With Support Team Members, they are responsible for

  • developing and presenting testimony, sharing information with League members, develops action alerts, connects with other allies, and communicates with appropriate legislative leaders. ​​

  • must follow the nonpartisan policy developed for volunteer lobbyists by the State Board. Individuals who serve as support team members may still remain civically engaged and active in their individual capacity.


  • should be comfortable with public speaking, advocating for the league’s positions on a given issue with local Leagues, partner organizations, and state legislators (training will be provided!).


  • are encouraged to serve as an “ambassador” for LWV Ohio by talking about the organization to other meeting attendees.


  • must not testify, lobby, or otherwise speak for LWV Ohio except as outlined in LWV Ohio policies and with the approval of the Advocacy Committee.


  • must be willing to work with LWVO’s allies and partners on assigned issue. 

Support Team Members

...typically focus on an area where they have a strong interest and relevant expertise. They work closely with Issue Specalists to 

  • monitor committee meetings

  • read bills and analysis

  • write action alert drafts

  • participate in advocacy campaigns

  • work with issue specalists to monitor a specific bill within a policy area. 


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