School Funding - Focus for Advocacy

LWVO will continue to advocate for the state to adopt a school funding policy for K-12 public education that is constitutional. We will focus on complete adoption and funding of the Fair School Funding Plan.

LWVO will advocate for the Legislature to:

  1. Make the plan permanent and fully funded by 2027. The state budget is a two year budget. It did not include language that indicated an intent to continue the formula or fully fund it.

  2. Fund research on the cost of educating children living in poverty by the 2023 budget cycle.

  3. Use the results of cost studies to inform the state investment in public education in the 2023 -24 budget.

  4. Fund wrap around services.

  5. Create a standing committee to update the funding plan as needed.

Full adoption of the plan will require support by a majority of both the Ohio House and Senate, and the Governor when they convene in 2023.

What You Can Do Now

Make the Fair School Funding plan a campaign issue when evaluating candidates standing for election to the house and senate in 2022. Candidates in all house districts, half of the senate, and the Governor are standing for office in this election cycle.

Learn about how your school district has been affected by the 2022-23 state education budget and any unmet needs.

Educate the public about school funding issues and the unfinished work of achieving a constitutional funding system.

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