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How to Write Testimony

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Writing & Submitting Testimony to the Ohio Legislature​ (for LWVO Members)

One of the most important points of engagement during the policy process occurs at the committee level. When a bill is in committee, any person who wishes may submit written and/or oral testimony in support of, or in opposition to the proposed legislation. Committees require that your written testimony be submitted to the committee chairperson at least 24 hours prior to the start hearing, and that a witness information form be submitted along with your testimony.


Understanding the Ohio Legislature and Tools for Tracking and Observing Legislation

The 134th General Assembly: Contains the names and information of all Ohio legislators in the 134th General Assembly in one spreadsheet.

A Guidebook for Ohio Legislators​ published by the ​Legislative Service Commission​. For additional, more in depth information on this topic, please refer to the ​Guidebook​. It includes a listing of all terms used.

The Ohio Legislature official site. You can create a free account that allows you to target bills and committees. You then will be sent email updates.

Legiscan​ is an online service that tracks bills. At the concerned individual level it is free. You can register, create a password and list bills you are following. Email alerts are sent when there is movement of the bill.

The Ohio Channel​ live streams legislative sessions and many committee meetings​. Recordings are also available to watch on demand.

How a Bill Becomes a Law - this flowchart tracks the conception of a policy from start to finish, the different routes it may take on its way to becoming a law, and where it may hit a roadblock in the process.

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