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We Take Action for Democracy!

Since 1920, the League of Women Voters of Ohio has worked to improve the function of Ohio’s electoral and participatory democracy. From securing mail-in voter registration to recruiting poll workers today, we avidly support having a strong, functioning democracy. We recommend the following legislative and administrative reforms:

Our Pro-Voter Pro-Election Integrity Asks

Improve access for senior, student, low-income, and rural Ohio voters

Allow counties to have multiple drop boxes and multiple early voting centers. Many voters live far away from the county seat, have inconsistent US mail service, or don’t have reliable transportation. In 2020, too many Ohioans endured undue burden to vote early; in at least 10 counties voters had to wait in line two hours or longer to access the dropbox or vote early.

ASK:  Introduce and pass legislation

to allow mulitple drop boxes and early vote centers.

Adopt Agency Voter Verification & Registration (VVR) 


Improve the accuracy of voter rolls by automatically registering eligible citizens when they interact with state government, unless they opt-out. This commonsense reform also improves the security of our voter registration database and saves money.

ASK: Introduce and pass

Automated Voter Registration legislation.

Pass Online Absentee Ballot Request


Permit voters to submit online absentee ballot applications so that applications can be processed more accurately and efficiently. The COVID pandemic made clear that our vote by mail system is inefficient, confusing, and cumbersome for both voters and election officials.


ASK:  Introduce and pass

online absentee ballot request. 

Secure Voter Registration Systems


Senate Bill 14 requires the Secretary of State to adopt rules establishing guidelines for the approval and continued certification of voter registration systems. More secure registration systems would reduce the likelihood of registration errors that would disenfranchise voters, provide Ohioans the confidence that their registrations are secure and accurate, and give county boards of elections the tools to effectively and efficiently carry out their jobs.

ASK IN THE SENATE: Please vote yes on SB14.


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