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Talking Points and Testimony on Current Legislation

The League of Women Voters has a long history of advocating for voter
rights, and numerous other quality of life and social justice issues.

We are currently focusing on

Democracy, Elections, & Voting

SJR2 (McColley - R, Gavarone – R) /HJR1 (Stewart – R) and

SB92 (McColley – R, Gavaronne – R) / HB144 (Manchester – R)

The joint resolutions would impact citizen ballot initiatives, requiring 60% of the vote cast in order for an initiative to become part of the Ohio Constitution. The House Joint Resolution would additionally impact petition gathering, requiring signatures from 5% of vote cast in previous election in every county without any cure period.


The bills allowing a special election in August (after eliminating most) would cost $20m and be just to put the joint resolution on the ballot before November.

Message: Stop the threat to direct democracy. Do not take power away from everyday people. Adding one more reason to spend $20m on an August special election just for this vote is irresponsible. These measures are Unfair, Undemocratic, Unpopular and Unnecessary.

Testimony given on April 18, 2023 before Senate General Government Committee

Testimony given on April 19, 2023 to House Constitutional Resolutions Committee

Democracy, Electon, & Voting



House Bill 1 (Matthews – R)

Modify the law regarding property taxation and income tax rates

Opponent testimony presented March 14, 2023 to members of House Ways and Means Committee (link HB1 testimony)

HB1 Testimony

Message: This is a bad bill that only helps the wealthiest of Ohioans and actually raises property taxes. It would make levies impossible to pass. The middle to low income taxpayers actually end up with more taxes.

House Bill 33

OPERATING BUDGET (Edwards- R) To make operating appropriations for the biennium....


Interested Party Testimony : House Finance Committee, March 30, 2023 (link HB33 testimony)

HB33 Testimony

Message: Support public schools by fully funding the Fair School Funding Formula with its new amendments


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Research of Susan Kaeser on enrolment by county in public, private and charter schools. (Explanation, maps and spreadsheets)

Where do Ohio Students Receive Their Education

Enrollment by County for All Ohio Counties

Student Enrollment by School Type

Revised Public School Enrolment

Revised Draft Testimony for Senate Finance Committee

Research in the News

SB11 /HB11 Universal Vouchers
SB11 expands Ed Choice Vouchers/ HB11 creates Educational Savings Accounts under the state Treasurer


A strong public education system is the only way to ensure that all students have equal access to quality education.  Public schools are a reliable and accountable education resource open to every student in every community. They are cornerstone institutions that strengthen communities and unite people in common purpose. 

HB 11 puts nonpublic education on equal footing with the public system by funding them both, but allows them to operate under completely different rules. Ohio should not operate two different publicly funded systems. It violates the constitution and undermines the success of the public system, the system that serves the common good rather than individual preferences.

Extending and increasing state funds to private education and homeschooling, unnecessarily increases state costs and puts adequate funding of the public system at risk.

The private schools that participate in the backpack funding scheme will control who has access to public funds because they decide who to admit. Public funds should not be used by an entity that is able to discriminate.

Public funds should not be used for an education where it’s impossible to monitor quality or ensure that children are being served in an appropriate way. 

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Testimony presented to House Primary and Secondary Education Committee on April 25, 2023:

Testimony presented to House Primary and Secondary Education Committee


SB1 (Reineke – R)  / HB12 (Jones – R, Dobos – R)

Restructures and renames the Ohio Department of Education to "Department of Education and Workforce" and shifts ODE into a cabinet-level agency managed by an appointment from the governor's office. Reduces duties of State Board of Education to appointments, licensure, employee conduct, and territory transfers. ​


SB 1 opposition testimony presented February 21, 2023 (link testimony)

HB12 opposition testimony presented March 21, 2023 (link testimony)

Message: The LWVO opposes HB 12 because it concentrates too much power in one person’s hands. It removes the public voice in selecting who guides education policy and closes the public out of the policy making process itself. In fact, due to a study a few years ago, the LWVO position supports a completely elected State Board of Education. HB 12 is wrong. It’s a far cry from the process that produces good solutions; a process that encourages diverse views, informed debate, professionalism and accountability. 


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Testimony presented to the House Economic and Workforce Development Committee on April 25, 2023.

Opposition testimony to SB 1 in House Employment and workforce

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